Meet my donkey!

The best advice I ever received

I was just a new Christ follower and I was wanting to be used to serve the Lord.  The church we were attending was having a Revival.  This was something totally new to me.   My husband and I attended every service.  One evening the evangelist spoke directly to me and gave me the best advice I would ever receive.  His advice was to take the song “Learning to Lean on Jesus”as my theme song for life

His words never left me and have been such valuable advice throughout life.  I have come to realize the more chaotic or messy my life gets, the more important it is to lean on Jesus.  Leaning on Jesus is not always easy, fun or convenient.  But it is always the best choice!

Recently I started reading the book Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio.  It is definitely a book I highly recommend! I wish I had been able to read this book when I first started walking with the Lord.    The author has really clarified, at least for me, various ways  to lean on Jesus.  Today I want to tell you Leaning on Jesus gets me through whatever problem I am facing.   Read on while I share a lesson I learned about leaning on Jesus.

               His Strength;My Weakness

This is one of those concepts so hard to understand  yet so simple when we do understand.  II Corinthians 12:9 and 10 we find these words “my strength is made perfect in weakness”. In the next verse, Paul tells us when he is weak then he is made strong.   I Corinthians 1:27 tells us God has chosen foolish things to shame the wise and the weak things to put to shame the mighty.  In the Old Testament we see God use a shepherd boy to kill a mighty warrior giant and save the children of Israel.  We watch in amazement as God has a small band of men walk around the city of Jericho day after day in utter silence and then on the 7th day they encircle those walls not one time but seven times and the walls actually fall down.  We watch as Gideon leads a group of men in to battle armed only with pitchers and wonder what does God think He is doing? 

Look through the miracles of both the Old Testament and New Testament.  You will see how time after time God used weakness to accomplish His mighty works.  For example: Naaman dipped seven times in the muddy Jordan to be healed of leprosy, Paul and Silas sang praise at midnight and the jail was opened.  Of course, we can’t forget the many miracles involved in leading the children of Israel out of Egypt and then during the time they wandered in the wilderness.  God is not limited.  He is almighty and all-powerful; yet He chooses to use the weakness of man to accomplish His purposes.

Years ago as a young Christian I learned this important truth:  God does not want my ability – only my availability.  God is not interested in my abilities or my system and program.  He does want my willingness to follow His leading and walk His pathway.  My education (or lack thereof) or accumulated life experience really matter little to God.  My willingness to seek His direction and counsel coupled with the willingness I exhibit to follow His plan instead of my program are what God looks for.  God wants to work His strength in me and through me.  That doesn’t always happen when I am at my very best but it does happen when I am vulnerable and sometimes when I am at my lowest.  Have you ever visited someone with the intent to bring encouragement and be a blessing only to walk away feeling the very one you went to minister to had ministered to you instead?  That is what I mean.

We use the phrase “little is much when God is in it” and that is so true.  However, I sometimes wonder if we tend to fall back on that philosophy as an excuse for not giving something our very best effort because we either don’t want to do what has been asked of us or because we feel it is “beneath us”? Just a thought!

My strength is made perfect in weakness.  This is God speaking here.  It is His strength that is made perfect in our weakness. I see here God does not choose to use an individual because of their resources, connections, talents and skills.  He is not concerned about family heritage, social image, career accomplishments or credentials.  God is looking for willingness to be conformed to His image.   This tells me my insecurities, my comfort zone, my handicaps and shortcomings all mean nothing to God.  God is interested in my willingness to do His purpose, His way, in His timing using His methods and leaving the results or lack of them totally up to Him.    That is one of the ways I “Lean on Jesus”.